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Searching through hours of audio and video is difficult and time consuming. Our transcription and indexing services can make all of your content as easy to find as a web search.

Make your content accessible to those with hearing disabilities and those who cannot easily listen to your content by offering transcriptions.

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We leverage award winning AI and combine it with our proprietary software to offer you the best automated transcription and indexing experience, for a fraction of the time and price of traditional transcription services.

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Our transcription and indexing service is extremely fast. You'll get results over 10x faster than other leading transcription services.

Customize Your Transcriptions

Our automated transcription service offers about 95% accuracy (for clear speech). Quickly take it to 100% with our easy to use editor.

Made with Love

We love making content transcription services as much you love making content!


Transcription and indexing rates are only $0.20 per minute of content and $1.20 per Gigabyte.

A typical 1 hour podcast recorded in high quality can be transcribed and indexed for about $12.

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